Committing to Ones’ Self

  • I am committed to calling myself a “creative”, and leaving any other definition at the door.
  • I am committed to finding my way in life through my creativity.
  • I am committed to allowing intuition to be my guide in all things.
  • I am committed to working to live, not living to work.
  • I am committed to walking towards difficulty and using those places in which to create and connect.
  • I am committed to sharing my creative process.
  • I am committed to sharing my creativity, without personal judgement or social gate-keepers influence over me.
  • I am committed to inspiring others to find their voice.
  • I am committed to opening space for other creatives to reveal who they are.
  • And, overall, I am committed to getting up when I fall over.

Now it’s your turn: Write down “I am committed to…” 10 times. You can’t get this wrong. The only wrong thing to do, is not committing to yourself. You are worth committing to! You don’t have to be a creative to do this, you can simply do this about; life, values, family… whatever brings your heart joy. Let Joy lead you.

Love & Light
Catch you next time
Juby xxx

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