July 20 Blog

Back at work today after a 2 week break. Only had 1 week off and the other was working on my upcoming interactive installation: At The Horizon.

Great to have time away, feel less stressed, but it is so easy to fit back into bad habits. So, I listed down some aspects about work-life that I want to change – so hopefully the time has given me some valuable reflection that I can actually put to good use.

I sketched this little image a while ago, however it fits with how I sometimes feel about work. But at the same time, so fortunate to have a job.

Today I bought, You’ve got This: Life-changing power of trusting yourself written by Margie Warrell. At the moment I’m collecting self-help books, so this looked like one I would enjoy. Like usual I will share anything I find of value or any helpful quotes.

Catch you tomorrow xx.

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