July 20 Blog

Back at work today after a 2 week break. Only had 1 week off and the other was working on my upcoming interactive installation: At The Horizon.

Great to have time away, feel less stressed, but it is so easy to fit back into bad habits. So, I listed down some aspects about work-life that I want to change – so hopefully the time has given me some valuable reflection that I can actually put to good use.

I sketched this little image a while ago, however it fits with how I sometimes feel about work. But at the same time, so fortunate to have a job.

Today I bought, You’ve got This: Life-changing power of trusting yourself written by Margie Warrell. At the moment I’m collecting self-help books, so this looked like one I would enjoy. Like usual I will share anything I find of value or any helpful quotes.

Catch you tomorrow xx.

July 18 Blog

Yesterday I didn’t post as I spent the day with family. I drove down to Hamilton, picked up my sister and visited our mum. She’s been sick over the last week, when it was her birthday, so this was a post-birthday outing. We went to this awesome cafe for lunch and just enjoyed each other’s company and great food. 

I stayed on in Hamilton for the afternoon and then went to a theatre play No Exit that my niece was acting in. Beautiful day.

Today back home, doing some odd jobs, not much really to share.

I did go for a delightful walk on Cornwallis Beach this afternoon. Here are some pics for you.

Will be more creative tomorrow. Catch you then xx.

July 16 Blog

Today I’m challenging myself to write a list from the book, L’art de la: Liste simplify, organise, enrich your life, by Dominique Loreau.

The suggested list I’m going to write comes from page 167.

My Talents
Cooking vegetarian Lasagne to perfection
Knowing how the TV show is going to end
Scoring big at second hand shops
Forgetting what I have just been told (especially someone's name)
Remembering peoples' birthdays
Eating chocolate 
Reading late at night
Phoning my mum on time (everyday)
Saying 'I love you' to those I love
Remembering to water my plants

Catch you tomorrow xx.

15 July Blog

I’m half way through my daily blogging challenge for July. In some ways it has been easier than expected, and in others it has been more challenging. But, I’m determined to see it through.

Today was spent on my At The Horizon project for RM gallery in Auckland. I wont be finished until September and there is much to do. I have discussed this work a little in another post: A mixture of Creativity and Chaos. I’m mainly in the editing and colour grading stages, which takes time and a lot of careful consideration. But I feel happy with what I achieved today, so that is ‘success.’

I’ve been trying to stay in the present as much as possible today, and that has been helping my mood and creativity. So, hopefully I can do the same again tomorrow.

Took this snap at the end of our road. Went for a short stroll to get some fresh air before another session on the computer editing.

Hope you are well, catch you tomorrow xx.

July 14 Blog

Struggling with myself today. It’s like I know what I should be doing, but continually get in my own way. What is that about?

Sometimes I hold such high expectations on what something will be like, or how I will enjoy the process of something, and forget that 90% of most things are hard work. You just gotta get the work done, solve problems, overcome hurdles, and keep going.

Also, I’ve been waiting for an ‘answer’… not a spiritual sign or anything, but a knowing of where to go with this project I’m working on and I’m a bit stuck. A bit like writer’s block, I guess.

I just have to accept that is where I’m at. Keep working, keep trying and in the end have faith that something will come of it.

This picture is so accurate of me today, haha. Well, tomorrow is another day. Catch you then xx.

July 13 Blog

Living in the moment. Apparently that is where we are. Only in this moment. Not in the past or future, yet so many thoughts are caught up in those two places. Places that don’t exist.

I find it so hard to stay settled in each moment. I’m always hurrying after the next moment, waiting for something, putting life on hold till the weekend… Or, worried about something I said or did, like I can change it.

Even while writing this I drift off into what I’m going to do later.

Why is this moment so difficult to live in? It’s not worse or better than any other. I don’t have the answers. Instead I breathe, I feel my weight on the earth, I look up and see the sky. It’s all I can do.

Catch you tomorrow xx.

July 12 Blog

Just when I have some semblance of clarity fog  moves in. A common fact of life.

Sad that this is a reality, but on the other hand when I see or experience success at some level I understand that there’s work behind it. Generally not luck. This allows me to dig in. 

This week I’m working on a project I’ve talked about in A Mixture of Creativity and Chaos. I’ve  put aside the whole week to dig in. There’s a lot to figure out, there will also be a lot of fog. But that’s OK. 

Life is half and half, and understanding that makes the hard half tolerable
Hope you’re well. Catch you tomorrow xx

July 11 Blog

If you want fresh coffee in the morning, you will have to take the additional preparatory step of grinding fresh beans. If you want a better body, you will have to get up earlier in the morning (or, perhaps more accurately, go to bed earlier the night before so that you aren’t too tired to exercise). You might also have to store better food in your house so that when you’re faced with food cravings, you are prepared to eat more healthily instead.

The Seven Arts of Change, by David Shaner

This quote reminds me that if I want to transform, adjust, change, I need to prepare fully for that transition. I can reflect all I want, but that doesn’t move me forward. Reflection lets me look at what is.

Lately I’ve been so passive in life. Not just lately, probably for a few years now. I’m pretty sure this was an outcome of pushing myself so hard with filming my first feature film, and trying to complete a PhD, and when those two goals were completed, I just couldn’t push any more. I mean, I went to work, I moved forward in my career, but, creatively, for me, I have been very passive.

But this state of being is now passed its used-by-date. I can no longer put creativity on hold. I’m not saying I haven’t been creative. I have. I’m working on a project now, I started this blog, I’m creating everyday, but there still seems to be something missing.

Before creativity held higher stakes. I’m trying to find my way through creativity with smaller outcomes, and daily practices, and I’m blogging about the importance of that. But now, I think I need to prepare for the next phase.

I’m not sure what that is. But the quote above reminds me that wanting change means preparing, being open, ready, AND it means commitment and hard work.

mmm things to think about.

No pics today, just thoughts. Catch you tomorrow xx.

July 10 Blog

We have arrived back home from our break. I loved time away to reflect, but I also love home. Being outside of the usual routines, away from personal items and responsibilities has allowed me to have the space I wouldn’t usually have.

While away, I’ve been sketching, or doodling and I forgot how much I enjoy this form of creating. For absolutely no other reason than creating. I’ll share a couple of sketches with you here.

Even though I’ve written about creating for its own sake, I maybe, haven’t been doing it myself. So this was the perfect opportunity to put this to practice.

Hopefully I can keep this up. Catch you tomorrow xx.

July 9 Blog

Last day at Hot Water Beach

Reflecting is actually more difficult than first thought. I mean, really reflecting. Thinking all the big things.

Being creative, makes me happy, stimulated and refilled at the same time. And, I’m just not doing enough of it on a daily basis. Been thinking on this, musing… I started this blog in an attempt to stimulate my own creativity – but haven’t really got any further, or been any more creative.

2020, hasn’t been the most stimulating year, however, in some ways it has shown me more than previous years, where perhaps things were tracking along easier. My reflection has challenged me to take my foot off pause. That’s the first step. See where that gets me.

Road trip back to Auckland tomorrow, I’ll take some photos.

Catch you tomorrow xxx