December Diary: 2021 Day 18

We were on the road today. We left Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland early, with a trailer to pick up all the furniture left from our old house. During COVID lockdown we were not allowed to travel, so this is the first big day trip. So I thought I’d blog my day.

We stopped for breakfast at this cute rural cafe, and enjoyed their food and Christmas decorations.

It was so nice driving through the country side, we haven’t been through here since August, just so nice to see the green spaces of the Waikato region.

When we arrived the real work began. It was a major sort through and some strategic planning on how to pack the trailer as we had several drop off points. Some friends are taking some furniture, some is going to a secondhand shop and the rest to storage.

The morning moved along quite quickly once we figured out how everything had to be packed. It was strange being in the house that we had lived in with our family for so long with new owners. But such is life. We have moved on and I’m so happy the new people love the place.

We stopped off on our way back through Kirikiriroa Hamilton to a favourite ice cream shop ‘Duck Island’ love their flavours. I had pavlova and vanilla. Then hit the road again. Had to get the rest of the stuff to storage.

Huge day, feeling so tired. But, so satisfied that this job is done and dusted. Now back home at our apartment for a well deserved glass of wine.

Catch you tomorrow xx

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