December Diary: 2021 Day 8 & 9 (zoom survival)

Yep yesterday’s diary entree did not happen. But that is life, and on we go.

I’m writing this in the middle of the day, between zoom calls and work stuff. I need to get my head out of work for 30mins. I have just spent 3.5 hours on zoom and I’m completely knackered. It is a very draining mode of experiencing life.

I have a work routine, where I put my phone alarm on every 20mins, it reminds me to breathe, get up, swing or shake my arms around, audibly sigh, drink some water and start again. But during a zoom call it is more difficult to do this, occasionally I turn my screen off and just spend 2 mins going through some somatic practices – a series of movements that bring me back into the present. I have found this most useful over lockdown.

Pic of the day: something pretty to look at…

Before lockdown I use to put my alarm on for 45 mins as I found this was very productive. It allowed me to focus on one task at a time, as I can easily fall into the trap of trying to be everywhere at once and get nothing done, or at least nothing done to a good standard. But putting my alarm on somehow allows me to turn off the mental chatter and just focus. However, lockdown has made my attention span, or concentration ability less able – as in I can’t seem to focus as long. But 20mins does it. And in between those 20 minutes the somatic practices only take 2 – 5mins and then I’m away again, back to the task, or onto another task depending on my day, or on my ability to concentrate.

I would highly recommend looking at somatic practices – here is a link that maybe helpful.

But Zoom calls – much more difficult especially if they are long, and you are expected to have your screen ‘on’. I would suggest that at least every 30 mins or 1 hour you take a 5 min break. If you are leading a zoom call make this part of zoom protocol. I have been to 3 hour sessions where breaks have not been part of the agenda and I think this is crazy. We wouldn’t expect this is the real world so why on zoom?

But the best thing is to find what works for you when working online or from home – or even at the office. Have little routines that keep you sane, that keep you present and mostly so at least you get some enjoyment from your day. You can use all sorts of things from candles or air spray for aromatherapy moments, paper and pens to take notes on for haptivity/touch and connectedness, water and fresh fruit or vegetables for snacks or lunch to keep your body in tune, sitting outside or even better going for walks. Do what you have to do to get by, to bring little moments of presence into the day.

That’s my advice and I know you all probably have a lot you could share with me – so please do so in the comments.

Catch you tomorrow.

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