December Diary: 2021 Day Six

Hi, I hope you are well.

After work I decided to sew a book. I know, a bit random but I wanted to do something creative that wasn’t painting or drawing or filming or writing…. hahaha

Sewing a book together seemed like something I could do. First I rounded up all sorts of paper and folded 2 signatures of 6 A2 folded over, which gives me 24 pages for each signature. I then made 3 simple stitches. Once that was done I created a cover and sewed the 2 signatures in. I’ve never done this before, I simply made it up as I went along – but it has worked out well so far.

Just to finish off the sewing, I tapped down parts where I put the stitches through to strengthen the binding. Once that was all done, I went about adding paper to some of the pages – glueing in these, just where I thought it needed it.

Pic of the day: Journal so far, will take a final one tomorrow

I still want to do some decorating on the front cover, and put pockets into the back cover, but I need to let the whole journal dry. So, I’ll finish it off after work tomorrow. I’m also thinking of making a second one for a Christmas present. It will be nice to give someone a handmade gift.


I’m grateful for creativity. It was a very difficult day at work, but knowing that I had time to do some creating after work made everything OK.

That’s it for today –

Will write again tomorrow. Catch you then xx

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