2021 The Art Process that Never Ends…

Well it’s been another month since I posted last and not another week… life has squeezed me. Now I’m only 2 months out from my residency at RM Gallery – and I need to get the shit done. So yes I will be blogging – and I’m going to start Vlogging EEEKKK- and YES it will be every week. I commit to that. I’m going to do it. Haha.

I’ve decided that the output for this residency will be an experimental film, or maybe avant-garde film is a better definition, as even though I’ll be using and experimenting with technology, the main focus of the research is to create film outside and pushing against main-stream cinema. But definitions aren’t everything when it comes to this type of film, you could call it art-film, poetry-film or underground film: something that is not narrative driven.

If you’ve read the other previous posts in 2021 Art in Process series you will see what I’m being influenced by and the ideas so far. I have done more research – I justI haven’t blogged it.

This is a pattern I created out of linear sentences – which I think is interesting.

About the above image: I wrote a letter to myself about the research and then drew around the words that made up each line – then used colour and texture to create something aesthetic. Because I have been using objects of nature to inspire diagrammatic drawings, I wanted to consider how to create a diagrammatic drawing from what I would usually use to start a film project, “sentences”. I haven’t analysed it yet, but I’ve found it a thoughtful exercise.

What I’m doing this week is gathering examples of avant-garde film that intrigues or inspires me in some way. So next week (YES next week), I will link what I have found, and discuss why these types of film are of interest to this project.

Also I’m working on my first Vlog – nervous as heck. But I’ll do it anyway.

That’s it for me. Chat soon x.

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