2021: Breathe: Art in Process

I haven’t been blogging for several weeks, but I did do some work on my project. It’s pretty difficult at the moment to make time for everything, but I’m trying to spend a little time a few days a week, which does add up. I’d love to be more methodical in my routines, but, yeah, just never happens.

My approach for the last several weeks was much the same as week 4, but accomplished more using nature to inspire the structure of possible storytelling. I’m trying to see if I can develop a method, so then I could possibly lead a workshop in it – which would be fun and hopefully beneficial to those who attend.

So, the method seems to be working, however I need to repeat it a few more times and develop it into something more substantial so there are more divergent ways someone could use it, but I am beginning to see the potential. Last week I took a piece of grass we have here in New Zealand, which we locally call Harestail Grass, but which is formally called, Lagurus ovatus, and although it is originally from the Mediterranean, it is found in most coastal areas. It’s a pretty grass, soft and used often in dried flower arrangements, so it’s a good example to keep.

Like in week 4, I first described the object – not scientifically, just on what I could see. I didn’t draw it this time, however, I did spend a lot of time looking at it and thinking about its qualities. Then I chose 3 of those qualities to explore.

There is a lot in one stalk of grass! I decided to choose 3 points of inspiration to carry on with, brainstorm and explore. These were:

  • Random
  • Life after death
  • Peeling back layers.

At this point I created 3 structural diagrams. This process is totally intuitive, I’m not a mathematician or statistician, all I’m doing is taking inspiration from nature to inspire the creation of structure and it helps me to draw a diagram of sorts.

So, for ‘random’ a drew dots and just randomly connected them, for ‘life after death’ I drew a timeline backwards, and for ‘peeling back layers’ I started off in a linear fashion but then drew parts returning to a point and going somewhere else from there. From this process I decided to take ‘peeling back layers’ one further step.

You can see this on the right hand side of the image. I have worked narrative into the diagram, tried to see where and when plot points could be returned to. Again just an idea at this stage, another exercise which furthers this particular project. From this point, a story could be formed and placed within the narrative – just thinking – it may be beneficial to create several structures and layer one story over all of them to see how they develop or unfold. I guess this would be called plot – the story is told through plot.

That’s all my notes and developments at this stage.

Catch you next time xx.

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