2021 Breathe: Week Two

How to set up a art based project?

There is no one way, there are as many ways as there are projects. So, this is not a set of rules or a check list, just the way I’m going to do it for this specific project.

My project consists of research before beginning the creative part, and the project also needs managed. So first I’m going to think about the research; how I collect it and collate research that relates to me, how I make notes and observations of my work. Then there are the outcomes, the creative part, what it is that I’m going to create – what I want the final output to be, and, lastly how do I manage the project, including time, budget…yep all the fun stuff.

1. research and observations. 2. creative work and outcomes. 3. management.

For this research I will keep topics, research collected and thoughts in a spreadsheet… For observations I will keep a journal and use OneNote.

Creative outcomes I am aiming to achieve: Feature Film Script, Interactive Video Art and exhibition, Workshop for public. I will be using Final Draft (scriptwriting software), Adobe and AVID, plus recording devices – but not sure what yet. For the workshop I will be teaching with DSLR cameras, and using Adobe.

Management systems I will be using is Trello.

You probably know about most of the software I’ve mentioned but I’ve linked them anyway, just in case. Also, these are just tools I use and there are many more that do the same task. But it is good to acknowledge what you will be using and try to stick to these, which helps with the consistency of the work. That doesn’t mean you can’t change mid-way through, it’s just helps me to set-up the project in this way.

Seems like a odd image to choose, but setting up a project is like setting up anything even setting a table. The choice over what you use will have some impact on the research and outcome, so think carefully about the systems, ways and even software, or tools. There can always be a time to explore some different tools to see what will suit the project best, but it is a good idea to come to a final decision and stick with that.

Catch you next week xx.

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