15 July Blog

I’m half way through my daily blogging challenge for July. In some ways it has been easier than expected, and in others it has been more challenging. But, I’m determined to see it through.

Today was spent on my At The Horizon project for RM gallery in Auckland. I wont be finished until September and there is much to do. I have discussed this work a little in another post: A mixture of Creativity and Chaos. I’m mainly in the editing and colour grading stages, which takes time and a lot of careful consideration. But I feel happy with what I achieved today, so that is ‘success.’

I’ve been trying to stay in the present as much as possible today, and that has been helping my mood and creativity. So, hopefully I can do the same again tomorrow.

Took this snap at the end of our road. Went for a short stroll to get some fresh air before another session on the computer editing.

Hope you are well, catch you tomorrow xx.

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