July 14 Blog

Struggling with myself today. It’s like I know what I should be doing, but continually get in my own way. What is that about?

Sometimes I hold such high expectations on what something will be like, or how I will enjoy the process of something, and forget that 90% of most things are hard work. You just gotta get the work done, solve problems, overcome hurdles, and keep going.

Also, I’ve been waiting for an ‘answer’… not a spiritual sign or anything, but a knowing of where to go with this project I’m working on and I’m a bit stuck. A bit like writer’s block, I guess.

I just have to accept that is where I’m at. Keep working, keep trying and in the end have faith that something will come of it.

This picture is so accurate of me today, haha. Well, tomorrow is another day. Catch you then xx.

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