July 11 Blog

If you want fresh coffee in the morning, you will have to take the additional preparatory step of grinding fresh beans. If you want a better body, you will have to get up earlier in the morning (or, perhaps more accurately, go to bed earlier the night before so that you aren’t too tired to exercise). You might also have to store better food in your house so that when you’re faced with food cravings, you are prepared to eat more healthily instead.

The Seven Arts of Change, by David Shaner

This quote reminds me that if I want to transform, adjust, change, I need to prepare fully for that transition. I can reflect all I want, but that doesn’t move me forward. Reflection lets me look at what is.

Lately I’ve been so passive in life. Not just lately, probably for a few years now. I’m pretty sure this was an outcome of pushing myself so hard with filming my first feature film, and trying to complete a PhD, and when those two goals were completed, I just couldn’t push any more. I mean, I went to work, I moved forward in my career, but, creatively, for me, I have been very passive.

But this state of being is now passed its used-by-date. I can no longer put creativity on hold. I’m not saying I haven’t been creative. I have. I’m working on a project now, I started this blog, I’m creating everyday, but there still seems to be something missing.

Before creativity held higher stakes. I’m trying to find my way through creativity with smaller outcomes, and daily practices, and I’m blogging about the importance of that. But now, I think I need to prepare for the next phase.

I’m not sure what that is. But the quote above reminds me that wanting change means preparing, being open, ready, AND it means commitment and hard work.

mmm things to think about.

No pics today, just thoughts. Catch you tomorrow xx.

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