July 8 Blog

Fourth day into our break away. Two more days, then home. Really spent most of it inside today, just relaxing and looking out the window. Finally went for a walk on the beach and took the photo below.

My knitting is progressing along, and I’m enjoying doing the odd doodle. It is beneficial having time to process this year and allow myself to breathe. My days have been on repeat, sleep in, breakfast, Yoga, knitting, drawing or reading, listening to music, beach walk and enjoying good company and good food, haha.

I’m very fortunate that I can do this, and don’t take that lightly.

Doodle of my view today

Hopefully when I get back home, this time of reflection will be a valuable asset going forward.

Even if you only have time for a walk, put your phone away, turn the TV and computer off and do it. Time to refuel is so precious.

Catch you tomorrow xx

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