July 1 Blog

Today is the day; the day I start blogging everyday this month. I know right? Too intense? Probably, however, I need to kick-start back into this.

Lately, things have got on top of me, (if you read my blogs then you will realise it’s gone a bit downhill). I’m not gonna lie, it’s been tough.

But with a little push, mustering a little energy, remembering how much I love writing and inspiring creativity – I’m gonna give it a go.

They won’t be long blogs, just little musings, photography of my days, some prose, art and inspiration I am finding around me.

So this is the first, just a heads up. Looking forward to it. Excited even.

Below is a collage of images I have taken over the last couple of days as we have been out and about enjoying winter’s sun, clouds, and rain.

Catch you tomorrow. xx

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